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Universal graph axis scale setting

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Universal graph axis scale setting

How do I set a graph scale axis and have it apply to all open graphs plotted on a single platform output. Example: I open the contour plot function and create 10 plots off the same data sheet. I change both the X & Y scale axis on the first plot. How do apply that same setting to all plots without copy & paste each one by one?
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Re: Universal graph axis scale setting

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If you are using PROC GCONTOUR to create your contour plots, this documentation example:

illustrates how to link an AXIS statement with the horizontal axis within PROC GCONTOUR...note the use of haxis=axis1 in the GCONTOUR code.

The AXIS statement is a global statement, however, if you are using any of the classic SAS/GRAPH procedures (GCHART, GCONTOUR,etc), you must always link the global AXIS statement to the appropriate procedure-level option (HAXIS=, RAXIS=, MAXIS= or GAXIS=, etc -- depending on your procedure).

Documentation for PROC GCONTOUR is here:

Documentation for the AXIS global graphic option is here:

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Re: Universal graph axis scale setting

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I have exactly the same problem. It does not relate to the x or y-axis, but on the z-axis. PROC GCONTOUR seems to overrule the clevels setting in case of the values are outside the levels set. In case of plotting multiple grapphs with a by something; You dont want the clevels to be changed, but prefer even a blank graph if no clevels are satisfied

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