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Unable to allocate sufficient memory error

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Unable to allocate sufficient memory error

I am trying to figure out how exactly to fix this issue. So I am running a SAS server program (remote desktop into a Windows server machine.. use SAS from there). I am trying to do a 4 way interaction to check my code to ensure I created my variables correctly and I seem to get an error

6674      proc freq data=disease;

6675          table time_diag*date_screen*date_diag*diagy / list missing;

6676      run;

ERROR: Unable to allocate sufficient memory. At least 725504K bytes were requested. You must

       either increase the amount of memory available, or approach the problem differently.

I do not have admin access to the server. Does anyone know any work around to get this to run?

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Re: Unable to allocate sufficient memory error

A standard technique to reduce memory requirements:

proc sort data=disease;

   by time_diag;


proc freq data=disease;

   by time_diag;

   tables date_screen*date_diag*diagy / list missing;


The report format will change but the result is likely to be acceptable.

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