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UTF8 compliant import

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UTF8 compliant import


Could you please convert the following import statement to a UTF8 compliant version? (The input text file is UTF8 and the dataset needs to be UTF8 compliant.) Thanks for your help.

data dir.ds;

     %let _efierr_ = 0;

     infile "&in\ds.txt" delimiter = ',' missover dsd firstobs = 2;

     format colA $10. ;

     format colB $10. ;

     format colC $10. ;


     informat colA $10. ;

     informat colB $10. ;

     informat colC $10. ;



          colA $

          colB $

          colC $


     if _error_ then call symput('_efierr_',1);


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Re: UTF8 compliant import

If your SAS installation is UTF compliant (DBCS) and your encoding is UTF in SAS what is this question about?

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Re: UTF8 compliant import

Thanks for your reply. Yes the installation is UTF8 compliant.

Do I need to use the following to be able to read from a UTF8 text file and retain compliance in the dataset? We are using 9.1.3.

libname mylib outencoding="utf-8";

infile myfile encoding="utf-8";

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Re: UTF8 compliant import

It's for sure a good idea to specify the encoding explicitly. Some UTF8 encoded files don't have a BOM so telling SAS which encoding to use will help avoiding issues.

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