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Trend Test in Lifetest Proc

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Trend Test in Lifetest Proc

Hey all,
I am very new to SAS, long time JMP and R user, but I need to use it to perform a trend test for a class I am taking. I am using the following code to test for the trend:

proc lifetest data=rats;
time Time*Censor(0);
strata Untreated Radiated RadiatedBPA /Trend test=(all);

The test runs properly, but the results don't seem correct. The log-rank test statistic my test returns is 16.0869. This compares to my book which says the value should be "log-rank trend test chi-squared =30.051". Is the test statistic that SAS returns not a chi-squared statistic? Otherwise I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I know my data set values are correct as are the variables. Any help would be great.
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Trend Test in Lifetest Proc

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I think we need more info...if the data is online from your text, pointing to the link would be helpful and someone can duplicate your results.

I noticed 2 variables named many levels does each have.

Are all Strata being tested at the same time in your text as well?

Can always check the technotes for an errors in proc lifetest and/or your text for erratas...

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