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Time Error

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Time Error

Hi All,

I use the code:-

data segment;
set analyse;
if '00:00:08'<=time<='09:00:00' then time_new='Before 9 A.M.'
Else IF '09:01:00'<=time<='12:00:00' then time_new='Before Noon'
Else IF '12:01:00'<=time<='17:00:00' then time_new='After Noon'
Else IF '17:01:00'<=time<='21:00:00' then time_new='Evening'
Else IF '21:00:01'<=time<='24:00:00' then time_new='Evening';

Log Error:- Expecting an arithmetic operator.

Kindly suggest.
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Re: Time Error

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On the topic of using a "time value" constant, review the SAS doc on the topic here:

Google advanced search argument: time value constant

Also, regarding the truncated post, you will need to "edit your existing post" (see the EDIT icon adjacent to the REPLY link), and review this related post on limits with certain data characters (recommend bookmarking the link for future reference).

Also, if you are going to post a SAS error condition, do so with a COPY / PASTE directly from your SAS log, revealing all related SAS-executed code, not just statements from our source program.

Scott Barry
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