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The acronym GLIM, how read it correctly

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The acronym GLIM, how read it correctly

Summarizing and continuing a previous discussion (2014.10.10-12.06),

“Distinction of GLM from generalized linear model, GLIM”

I am browsing, reading, thinking, and trying, with the contents in mind, a month and weeks, collecting papers or books and scrutinizing, wishing to read the acronym, GLIM, correctly in ways as follows. 

  • 0)      I found the acronym GLIM (generalized linear model) at first, years ago, occasionally as looking up SAS/STAT User’s Guide, Version 6, 4 th edn, Vol. 2, Ch.29 the NLIN Proc., Sectn Examples, Subsectn Ex.6: GLIM Models, p.1168-1173.  It cites Nelder,J.A. and Wedderburn,R.W.M.(1972): “Generalized Linear Models.” J.R.S.S. Series A 135, 370-384.  The basic principles seemingly have grown up to lead
  • 1)      A generic software GLIM (Generalized Linear Interactive Modelling) to cover various phases of the application as provided by the package illustrated in Healy M.J.R.(1988): “GLIM: An Introduction.” Clarendon Press, Oxford.
  • 2)      And a specific procedure GLIM (generalized linear iterative model) in this SAS Procedures Community recently told by pphymj (2014,10.30) and answered by Steve Denham on the same date and by JohnW (2014.10.31).

I am interested only in Goodnight’s excellent classical procedure PROC GLM (general linear model), none the others. I beg you could please check the discussion kindly and please give any possible advice.

Yours Very Respectfully, Tadao SHIBAYAMA (2014.12.07)

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