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Table Data Entry and Maintenance in SAS

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Table Data Entry and Maintenance in SAS

Can someone recommend a table maintenance application (or process) for updating SAS(and/or SQL) datasetes? What we're looking to accomplish is some basic add/change/delete operations on simple tables and datasets without alot of user interface programming.

Using the Microsoft Office Add-In we can read the tables and dataset into a speadsheets for end user review. The issue is when we want to make some new additions, changes or deletions to the data, it seems like we've got to go thru several steps to get the data back into the shared SAS datasets or SQL tables.

What am I missing? What are some options or paths to pursue?
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Re: Table Data Entry and Maintenance in SAS

If it is simple editing, why not just use the SAS VIEWTABLE editor?
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Re: Table Data Entry and Maintenance in SAS


if you have licensed the module SAS/FSP, you'll find [pre] proc fsedit data= your.sastable screen= sasuser.your.sastable ; run; [/pre]provides a customisable form view for updating YOUR.SASTABLE, and [pre] proc fsview data= your.sastable formula= sasuser.profile.sastable ; run;[/pre]provides a similarly customisable table view enabling update of YOUR.SASTABLE.
There are equivalent SAS Display Manager commands.
The convenience, customisability and speed of the interface makes it worth the licence fee for SAS/FSP.
I build it into the SAS explorer actions. Storing and generalising the syntax there means I have the form or table access for edit/browse/update in the layout prefered for each table, available at a mouse click.

just imho
. . . . . . . FSP rocks

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