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TABULATE out= percentages

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TABULATE out= percentages

in the ODS and base reporting forum, the thread on adapting Tabulate output to repeat row-title-space information for each sub-class prompted me to investaigate the OUT= data from Tabulate. Tabulate rather than PROC MEANS because the PCTSUM and PCTN statistics are not available from proc means.
The message with a proc print of the out= data set can be seen at

With the two class variables the output data set holds the statistic as {analysis variable name}_{statistic}_00
With only one class variable the out= data provides the corresponding column as {analysis variable name}_{statistic}_0
Presumeably with 3 class variables in the crossing that produced the statistic, the out= variable would have suffix 000.

I haven't found any technical documentation for the statistic column names in the OUT= dataset among the online-doc for Proc Tabulate.
Do you know of any alternate source for these definitions?

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