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Strange Behaviour of proc transpose

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Strange Behaviour of proc transpose

SAS 9.1.3, AIX.

After literally years of running flawlessly, suddenly one of our jobs produces this:

2801 proc transpose

2802 data=xxx

2803 out=yyy (

2804 where=(sum ne 0)

2805 drop=_label_

2806 )

2807 name=position

2808 ;

2809 var ......;

2810 by ....;

2811 id id_var;

2812 run;

WARNING: The variable _label_ in the DROP, KEEP, or RENAME list has never been referenced.

NOTE: There were 232414 observations read from the data set ......

NOTE: The data set WORK....... has 833510 observations and 9 variables.

NOTE: PROCEDURE TRANSPOSE used (Total process time):

  real time 6.60 seconds

  cpu time 3.38 seconds

Has anyone ever experienced this? According to documentation, proc transpose always generates the _label_ variable, unless told otherwise with the label= option.

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