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Starting off

Hi all!

This is a very basic question. I am trying to simply run a program, but each time I got to do this, errors saying that the Library does not exist. This is program I am trying to run

libname Hanoi "D:\PracSas\Hanoi";

data one;

set Hanoi.vietsight;

vietsight is the sas7bdat file that I want to run and it is saved in the folder Hanoi, which is under PracSas on my flashdrive.

What am I doing wrong?

An error also comes up that there are no variables in the data set.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Starting off

I hope the sas is installed on window machine!!!

you will first have to import the dataset into sas window environment, so that sas will be able to recognize the path. I am not sure if there is a plugin for it.

try using a statement "run;" at the end..

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Re: Starting off

First, be sure that the library was assigned successfully. You should find a note in the log:

NOTE: Libref Hanoi was successfully assigned as follows:

      Engine:        V9

      Physical Name: D:\PracSas\Hanoi

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Re: Starting off

Are you using SAS Enterprise Guide with libraries on the server? If so, try to use SAS Base.

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Re: Starting off

There doesnt appear to be anything wrong with your syntax. I would navigate to the folder through windows and copy and paste the folder from the address line on the explorer window. That way you elimiate typos as an issue.

As mentioned if you dont get a successful libname set, the rest of the code will not matter.


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