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Star Charts - multiple rings

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Star Charts - multiple rings

Hello -

I'm interested in using the Star Charts to display my data - however I would like to apply multiple rings to the chart. I've found examples that presents the data encircled by 1 outside ring. I'd like to have 3 concentric rings (something like a bulls-eye) that would allow the users to see clearly where the data falls instead of simply proportional comparisons. I'm sure this is possible - but don't know if it would be a function in the star chart procedure or if I would need to overlay another chart. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Star Charts - multiple rings

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Just in case you don't know this site already:

The examples there are often a great starting point for an own solution.

Hope this helps at least a bit

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Re: Star Charts - multiple rings

Thanks - great site to know about!
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