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Solutions for proc glimmix convergence issues

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Solutions for proc glimmix convergence issues

Hi SAS help,

I am creating odds ratios for each individual county using a multilevel technique with proc glimmix procedure. However, I have encountered convergence issue and the sas log showed that "Pseudo-likelihood update fails in outer iteration 1." I am using a very large dataset contains more than 2 millions of records. The cluster size ranged a lot (e.g., from 70 to 150,000). I was successfully using the procedure below to create the odds ratio for each county in our study area for a specific year. However, this procedure didn't work for the dataset in another year. Could anyone have any suggestion about this? Thanks a lot!!

The procedure that I used is as following:

proc glimmix data= s09;

class county09 Sex(ref='1') racegp1(ref='0') racegp2(ref='0');

model deny (event=last)= racegp1  racegp2  Sex  LaonAmount Income/solution dist=binary link=logit oddsratio cl;

random intercept/subject=county09 solution cl;

random racegp1 racegp2/subject=county09 solution cl;

ods output solutionf = estimate_fix  solutionr=estimate_random covparms=zcov  fitstatistics=zfit ;



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