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Shared Data

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Shared Data

I am using OLAP studio to use the example Orion library but I need to copy it into the shared data folder first but I cant find it...where is it on the hard disk?
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Re: Shared Data

Just copying the physical SAS tables won't help.

Everything is metadata driven so you would have to also point the metadata definitions of the pre-assigned libraries to this new storage area.

And as everythins is metadata driven: Using SAS Management Console you can easily check to which location the metadata libraries are pointing right now - and this is where your physical data sits in case things are working right now.

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Re: Shared Data

Hi Patrick,
Thanks for the explanation. Where can I see in the Management Console what the physical path is. Doing a right-click on the folder just tells me:

User -> sasadm - >my folder

or Shared Data- > OLAP Schema

but I cant spot the physical path i.e. c:....
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Re: Shared Data

This is no relationship between a Metadata folder and a physical location.

If you want to know the physical location of a data set you need to look at the path defined by the library for the data set.

Or a cube you need to nee to look at the metadata definition of the cube to find the physical path, in SMC RMB on the Metadata Cube object (not the job) and select properties, and there is a location tab, this displays the physical path of the cube.

Just re-read your orig post - to find the physical path of a library, in SMC RMB on the library metadata object and select the options tab, this has the details you require. And if you can't find the Metadata library object look for it in the "Data Library Plugin".


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