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Server Connection Not Reading xlsx file

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Server Connection Not Reading xlsx file

%let wind_dir = %str(\\La016x902\Comp1Share\Corporate\);

%let inputxls = %str(Complaints_Input_File_FAAAT_Request.xlsx);

%let xlspth = &wind_dir&inputxls;

libname FAAATXLS pcfiles type = excel server=LA016X902 port=8621 path="&xlspth";

data loans;

  set FAAATXLS.'FNMA$'n;/*Must match the tab name in excel spreadsheet*/


libname FAAATXLS clear;

I keep getting


ERROR: File FAAATXLS.'FAAAT$'n.DATA does not exist.

The xlsx file name is correct and the tab does say FAAAT.  Is there any special rules on naming the libnames, in this case FAAATXLS??

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Re: Server Connection Not Reading xlsx file

Which SAS version is installed on the server? Have you tried omitting the type-option?

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Re: Server Connection Not Reading xlsx file

The libref has to be 8 or fewer characters, but that is what you have....

Do you get any messages about the success/failure of the LIBNAME statement?

Try putting RUN; after the LIBNAME, run PROC CONTENTS and see if the library connection is working.

Another possibility -- is there a macro-populated range in the workbook?  If yes, you may have to open the file in Excel first and force the pointers to resolve to actual values, save the value, then read it in SAS.

Good luck!


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