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Saving .csv as .xlsx file using SAS

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Saving .csv as .xlsx file using SAS

I have .csv file which I want to save as .xlsx file. I want to keep the original .csv file as it is but kind of copy .csv into .xlsx.  I am using the following. It copies .csv file into .xlsx but I cannot open that .xlsx file. options xsync noxwait; x %sysfunc(quote(copy "c:\temp\test123.csv" "c:\temp\test123.xlsx")) ; Is there a way I can copy .csv into .xlsx file using sas? Thanks

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Re: Saving .csv as .xlsx file using SAS

I don't see the point of simply copying a CSV and renaming it with an XLSX extension. The copy is still a CSV file even though the extension indicates it is an XML-type spreadsheet.

Is it your intention to create a genuine XLSX spreadsheet copy of the CSV? If so you can do that in a variety of ways from SAS including PROC EXPORT and ODS ExcelXP tagset. 

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Re: Saving .csv as .xlsx file using SAS


  A minor correction. ODS and TAGSETS.EXCELXP do not create a "genuine" XLSX spreadsheet. TAGSETS.EXCELXP creates Spreadsheet Markup Language XML (designed for Office 2003), which was the XML precursor to the XLSX format. PROC EXPORT can create true XLSX files. There is a new ODS destination on the horizon that will also create XLSX files, but it is still pre-production, as described here:


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