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Save SAS list

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Save SAS list


I am writing a VB script to run a SAS code. It works perfectly.

It runs the SAS code and saves log at requried location.

But I'm not able to save the SAS list. I tried various options but no luck Smiley Sad

Below is a part of VB Script that I'm using:


Set app = CreateObject("SASEGObjectModel.Application.6.1")

    If Checkerror("CreateObject") = True Then

        Exit Sub

    End If  

         ' open the project

    Set prjObject = app.New()

    If Checkerror("app.New") = True Then

        Exit Sub

    End If  

        ' open the file and put the text into the fileString variable

    Dim fileSys, fReadStream, fileString

    Set fileSys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

    Set fReadStream = fileSys.OpenTextFile(codeFile,1, False)  

    fileString = fReadStream.ReadAll()


        ' add the new code object to the project

    Set codeObj = prjObject.CodeCollection.Add


        ' Set the server and text for the code

    codeObj.Server = codeServer

    codeObj.Text = fileString

    codeObj.Run                     ' Run the code      

    codeObj.Log.SaveAs logFile      ' Save the log filelist

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Re: Save SAS list

Default for SAS 9.3 and later is to not create listing output so version may be important. And possibly how you call SAS as options such as -Print can affect output locations or even if created. Does the log for these jobs show any info about output?

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Re: Save SAS list

Hi ,

I'm using SAS 9.4.

There is one option "Proc Print" but I don't want to modify the SAS code. Because there are a lot of them and also I'm not the developer for most of them.

I can use -print option when I execute a SAS code from command line. But I have some EGP files as well and I don't think I can call them from command line.

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