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Sas Reports

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Sas Reports

I need small help, I am trying to create a report in the below format.
I will have input as mentioned as 'X' for each Dr. WK1_launch RX....WK6 RX( is nothing but number of prescriptions written for each week).
We need to get total as given, that is total number of RX written by all Dr for that week.
Repeated total is nothing but when each dr repeated his RX in continued week.
Collective total is calculation of each non repeated RX.
Collective repeated is addition of all repeated RX.
I have tried PRC Freq and summary.
First and last and having different flags, getting wrong data. Any idea or any sort of code. Please help me.
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Re: Sas Reports

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Did you try using SUM function and Retain statement?

BTW the image that you have loaded has got some error, could you please upload it again?




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Re: Sas Reports

Hi Prabha,

Thank you for the response!
Please find attached document.
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