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SUDAAN noprint option - eliminate headers

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SUDAAN noprint option - eliminate headers


Not sure this is the place for a SUDAAN question - if there's a SUDAAN community like this great SAS one, just let me know.

I'm using the NOPRINT option with PROC DESCRIPT - but the SUDAAN header, number of OBS, etc still prints.  The tables are not printing - but I'd like to leave the output screen blank after running the PROC.

This is what I'd like to eliminate.  Turning off the ODS listing didn't work.

                                  S U D A A N

            Software for the Statistical Analysis of Correlated Data

          Copyright      Research Triangle Institute      October 2009

                                Release 10.0.1

DESIGN SUMMARY: Variances will be com[puted using the Taylor Linearization Method, Assuming a Stratified, Without Replacement (STRWOR) Design

    Sample Weight: WTANAL

    Stage 1 Stratification Variable: STRAT_YR

    Stage 1 Sample Count Variable: SAMCNT

Number of observations read    :   3551    Weighted count :   179376

Number of observations skipped :   3155

(WEIGHT variable nonpositive)

Denominator degrees of freedom :   3539

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SUDAAN noprint option - eliminate headers

If you cannot get it any other way then direct the print out to another file.

For example:

filename sudaan temp;

proc printto print=sudaan ; run;

proc sudaan ....


proc printto print=print; run;

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SUDAAN noprint option - eliminate headers

Thanks.  I did confirm with RTI (owner of SUDAAN) there is no way to avoid printing the header, FYI.

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