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SPSS sampling code needs to be converted in SAS

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SPSS sampling code needs to be converted in SAS

DOes anyone know how to program the following SPSS code in SAS? I need to do exactly this but in SAS! I do have access to SPSS at all!


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>

<SPSSComplexSamples version="1.0">

                <Header copyright="Copyright (c) SPSS Inc., 2006. All Rights Reserved."/>

                <AnalysisDesign SRSestimator="wor" numberOfStages="2">

                                <AnalysisStage estimationMethod="equal_wor" label="Stage 1" stageNumber="1">

                                                <StrataVarList numberOfVariables="3">

                                                                <Variable name="region_num"/>

                                                                <Variable name="sub_region_num"/>

                                                                <Variable name="comm_size_num"/>


                                                <ClusterVarList numberOfVariables="1">

                                                                <Variable name="residence_merge"/>



                                                                <Variable name="inc_prob_1"/>



                                <AnalysisStage estimationMethod="equal_wor" label="Stage 2" stageNumber="2">

                                                <StrataVarList numberOfVariables="1">

                                                                <Variable name="age_gender_group"/>



                                                                <Variable name="inc_prob_2"/>




                                                <Variable name="weight_final"/>




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Re: SPSS sampling code needs to be converted in SAS

 I would expect something sampling to indicate the number of records to select or a rate to select records from a base data set. Unless that is the use for the variables inc_prob_1 and inc_prob_2. In which case these would likely be the equivalents of _nsize_ variable in a SAMPSIZE=dataset for use in Surveyselect or _rate_ in a SAMPRATE= dataset.


Proc surveyselect would be the procedure, with a Strata statment having the stratlist variables and a cluster cluster statement with the cluster variable. Assuming I am rgith about your inc_prob_1 then your samprate data set would have to be sorted in terms of the strata combinations.


Since I have no idea what the output of the SPSS looks like I can't suggest any other specific options.



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Re: SPSS sampling code needs to be converted in SAS

You're likely going to get better help if you reframe the question to ask what you need from SAS with sampling methodology, ie how do I create a simple random sample, stratified by Age/Gender Group (combined??) weighted by a variable, clustered on Residence, with 3 stratas or something along those lines.
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