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SPDS44 Service Frequently Down

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SPDS44 Service Frequently Down


I am using SDPS44 to store data. Recently, i just renew SPDS44 license.
Then, i restart SPDS44 services. Then, after few hours, the services down again.
Below is the log from spdssnet.log:

SAS Scalable Performance Data Server 4.40(TS M0-WIDE) Build(Aug 2 2006, 15:57:54) SPDS SNET Server
Copyright (c) 1996-2006 by SAS Institute Inc, Cary NC 27513 USA

System information: SunOS-5.10(Generic_127127-11) running on sas-cp(sun4u)
Hardware information: CPU: sparc Vendor: Sun_Microsystems Serial#: 2223018683
02/09/11 22:07:40Smiley Sad19025) SPDS SNET - listen PORT IS 5191
02/10/11 07:42:37Smiley Sad19025) SPDS- Writing core file Signal Number: 1

Please assist.
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Re: SPDS44 Service Frequently Down

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This looks like something for tech support.
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