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SASXA1 module in SAS 9 Version

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SASXA1 module in SAS 9 Version



We are performing MXG install running to create MXG format dataset. I could see there is an ENTRY keyword with the Value SAS. We are runing SAS version 9. So what is the significance of having PGM=SAS under the SAS proclib ? The previous version of SAS had the PGM=SASXA1. What is the difference between using the SASXA1 and SAS ? Also I could see the SASXA1 module has been shipped along with SAS9 instal library. 


Could someone please clarify ?


Any suggestions are much appreciated.



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Re: SASXA1 module in SAS 9 Version

See: page 50 LPA and so on
The Link Pack Area was an advantage for saving load-time and optimizing memory usage. The TK design change a lot by running more in a Unix threaded way. They introduced some timing errors as can be experienced wiht 3270 SAS/connect screens.
The memory and loading questions are solved differntly, only a more basic sas program left in the tradtional MVS approach.


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