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SAS toolbox

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SAS toolbox

I guys,

I am relly enjoying with SAS: toolbox using vt (viewtable) or fsv (fsview), because is very handy to QC_listings.

Please, Can anyone tell me if there exist some option to re-order the variables

in the dataset, similar to the function retain in the sas code.

i put retain in the command bar  of the sas toolbox and it doesnt work.

I know there is a function move using fsview but is a bit slow, and i dont like

very much, i would like to find something more quick.



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SAS toolbox

if you issue the VT command with the option OPENMODE=EDIT then when the table is open you can select variables to sort by clicking in the column heading. Sort using the a-z z-a buttons on the toolbar. Hold down the ctrl key to select multiple variables (at least in Windows). This does sort by the order variables are selected when multiples are sorted.

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SAS toolbox

Sorry ballard, i am not talking about sorting the variables, maybe I confused you.

sorting variables with SAS toolbox is great in the VT tables.

I am talkin abour retain the order of the variables:

sometime the dataset (old) become a d b c f t e g

and would like a (new) as: a b c d e f g.

I can do it using retain in a new datset: data new; retain a b c d e f; set old; run;

or using proc sql

and this is my question...we can order the columns in the sequence that i want?

Thanks for your reply anyway.

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SAS toolbox

I found it, in the help.

Hide/Unhide option.

Or click the column in the viewtable and drag to the position you want.

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