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SAS stored Process Report download

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SAS stored Process Report download


I have had a problem with SAS stored Process download through SAS portal. When I try to download a report , it just download data worth 1KB and when I open the excel .xls report then It gives workbook error message as .

""Problem came up in the following area during load"

Workbook Setting

Error log : C:\users\xxx\appdata\Local\Microsoft\Windows\temporaryInternet files\Content.MSO\123445.log

I access the above location for logs and can see the below message:

XML PARSE ERROR: Missing end-tag
Error occurs at or below this element stack:

Can I please expect a help from SAS experts ?



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Re: SAS stored Process Report download

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  Generally, a stored process that you execute through the Information Delivery Portal has to have a special destination coded if the results are being sent to Excel instead of the browser. For help with this issue, Tech Support will be your best resource, they will need to look at the stored process code, particularly the destination that was coded. They will need to look for any references in the code to STPSRV_HEADER to make sure that it was coded correctly. Generally, you get an XML Parse error from any of the ODS destinations that generate XML. Your SAS log from the stored process should tell you which destination is being invoked.

  If you are using TAGSETS.EXCELXP as the ODS destination, typically, you need to have an STPSRV_HEADER coded in your stored process that explicitly tells the Portal browser that you want to launch Excel when the stored process results come back. That type of XML parse error can sometimes be caused by not using an updated destination template on your server.

  Again, this is really something best worked on with Tech Support.


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