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SAS software for practising

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SAS software for practising

hi All,

Does anyone know if there is any chance to get free learning edition or other limited version of SAS? I would just like to practise, not use for commercial purposes.
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Re: SAS software for practising

Probably not. SAS used to sell something the called the "SAS Learning Edition" for about $100. SAS no longer sells it but a reseller might still have it in stock. (That may have reached the end of it's licensed life, so caveat emptor.)

SAS currently provides SAS free for courses in degree granting programs (SAS On Demand for Academics), but you have to be registered through a school. You might also be able to get a copy of SAS to use through an educational institution, as many of them have high-volume site licenses that make the individual user cost fairly small.

Beyond that, you will have to pay full freight from SAS.

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Re: SAS software for practising

There's WPS (google it) if you're trying to learn, though I've never used it. Been fortunate enough to have SAS at most places I've worked.

The 30 day trial is probably a good enough time period to practice.

Its been mentioned before that if your work has a license you may be able to install that version at home as well, but unsure what the result of that was.

If you're in between jobs or trying to get certified on your own time it is hard to get access to the software outside of a job.
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Re: SAS software for practising

Hi, Have you found WPS works for you to learn SAS programming? I'm trying to search for thread re on how and where can I get a copy of this SAS software for learning and practicing as well. And if you have the sites, can you give me the link please?
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Re: SAS software for practising

Hi Rafal,
Did you get any copy of SAS software from WPS? Did you find any copy? Please share the link if you have. Thanks
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