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SAS questions

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SAS questions

1. How do you mine,share,retrieve and analyse data files on SAS??


2.what is proc sql data set and macros??


3. how d you analyse large data set and assist in documentation???



please can someone help me wih these questions?? thanks

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Re: SAS questions

Complex questions, and complete answers cannot be given here.

I order to pint in the right direction: who are you (role) and why do you want to learn theses things?


1. You will use SAS. SAS is built in modules that can be combined. Which modules (products) to use is based on task that you need to perform. Some uses strictly GUI, other needs different level of programming.


2. Proc SQL is SAS implementation of the SQL language. A data set is like a table in a relation database with variables (columns), indexes, constraints etc.


3. There are several ways of analysing data, including traditional techniques as SQL, statistical procedures, or more modern visualizing tools such as Visual Analytics/Statistics. There is a very extensive documentation available on, but I think basic SAS skills is required to utilize those. So some training is recommended.

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Re: SAS questions

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Here are links to SAS documentation.   Also see tutorials on YOUTUBE


SAS Knowledge Base and Reference



They explain in detail you questions     Jim This video describes SAS software and the various user interfaces. NEED HELP? SAS Customer Support is here to help. From a comprehensive, online Knowledge Base to Technical Support, from Training and Books to user events, SAS has you covered! LEARN MORE ABOUT SAS ...
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Re: SAS questions

2.  Macros are functions written in SAS macro language that do not return a value.


3.  What do you mean, assist with documentation?  You can intentionaly write values to the log, and even save the log to a text file, which would document both your analysis and any additional comments that you want to make.

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Re: SAS questions

For item 3, you can also use grouping analysis since you said you have a big data and it will take you some time to run the whole thing even though with the simple proc means.

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