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hi experts,

We have this unique situation Our I.T. believes that we can connect to Unix from PC SAS using SAS connect (when no Unix SAS is installed on the Unix box).

I know this is impossible as SAS Connect transforms the 2 sessions into client/server kind of set-up, but I still want to hear from the experts

what do you think ?
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Unix Box

We also have this unique situation on our hands.

Little background
1) 2 Unix boxes - one is HP-UX with SAS installed and other IBM Aix with no SAS.

2)we have 3 TB space on the IBM box. HP-UX is mostly over utilised and there is scope for increasing CPU, memory and other resources.

3) I.T wants us to install Oracle server on the IBM box and make a connection from PC SAS to Unix SAS (HP-UX) and to Oracle or go from PC SAS to Oracle on IBM AIX.

4) 3/4 of our data resides in Oracle Db on other Unix servers and 1/4 as SAS dataset in HP box

Problem is we don't to bring the SAS data and data from other Oracle DB into this new DB on IBM AIX and read it back in SAS to do our modelling/analytics for reasons

1) It introduces extra new env
2) Increase our production time/ data prep time.
3) Redundancy.

How can we improve the above situation. (We also use SAN). can we link 2 servers somehow.
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Re: Unix Box

With this extra info it's easier to answer the first question.
No, you can't use SAS/CONNECT unless you have a SAS session at there server end. Bit for accessing an Oracle DB on the remote host, SAS/ACCESS to Oracle will be sufficient, at least to access that data in particular.

To be able to assist with the design of your whole environment, I think you need direct assistance from a senior person, i.e. from SAS or an independent consultancy.

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