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SAS function to select only particular time of the day

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SAS function to select only particular time of the day

I have sales data and tiem of sale given .The input are :
TransactionID $1-8
DateofSale $9-18
TimeofSale $19-26
LaptopModel $27-32
UnitsSold 33-35
Warranty 36

I want to find the proprtion of the transactions that qualify for the delivery before 3 p.m. only of each day and all dates are in the form : 08:49:26 , for e.g.

What SAS functions should I use and what procedure to follow.

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Re: SAS function to select only particular time of the day

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I would expect by now that you have a SAS numeric (using TIMEw. format) variable for your character field TimeofSale. It's unclear what determines "delivery before 3 p. m." -- you would need to explain / reveal that information.

It is possible to use a SAS assignment statement to test for a SAS time constant, such as "15:00:00"T (arbitrary example time-of-day) -- then analyze your data by using SAS procedures SUMMARY, MEANS, possibly.

Furthermore, SAS procedures have been suggested, in general, for your prior posts - yet we know nothing about how much use of any of the procedures you have actually had with some success.

I strongly encourage you to take a step back, determine how much time you wish to invest in learning the SAS Base system (to get started), then consider beginning here:

And, I can't emphasize enough that there are technical resources at your disposal with the SAS support website, for consideration.

Best of luck with your SAS learning and programming endeavors.....

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.
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