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SAS documents

Hi all!

I am completely new to SAS and have vbeen asked to work on a project where I have to pull data from different tables in Teradata and then Put it in a text message and create a story from these difft messages. There are logics which will tell us which logic to be used.

what would be teh best way to implement this? Is there any SAS document which can be a good read for a newbwws like me?

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Re: SAS documents

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You've got a lot of pieces to learn to accomplish this task.

First off, you'll need the SAS/Access for relational tables manual, both the general chapters and the Teradata specific ones.

Then you will probably need to know about parts of the DATA step to generate the message. That's in the base manuals. You should also look at some of the books by users on the SAS website (Cody's and Aster's come to mind).

If by "text message" you mean the SMS messages used by Cell phones, you will need to send those with the e-mail interface (That it done with the FILENAME, see ).

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