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SAS Transport File

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SAS Transport File

We are trying to open SAS .xpt files in SAS 9.1.3 SP4 on XP_PRO platform. These files were created in SAS 6.12 on SOLARIS platform. We get the following error message:

1 libname inbib xport 'C:\temp\file.xpt';
NOTE: Libref INBIB was successfully assigned as follows:
Engine: XPORT
Physical Name: C:\temp\file.xpt
2 libname outbib 'C:\temp\xpt';
NOTE: Libref OUTBIB was successfully assigned as follows:
Engine: V9
Physical Name: C:\temp\xpt
3 proc copy in=inbib out=outbib;
4 run;

NOTE: Input library INBIB is sequential.
NOTE: Copying INBIB.test to OUTBIB.test (memtype=DATA).
NOTE: BUFSIZE is not cloned when copying across different engines.
System Option for BUFSIZE was used.
ERROR: The value
var1 is not a valid SAS name.
ERROR: File OUTBIB.test.DATA has not been saved because copy could not be completed.
NOTE: Statements not processed because of errors noted above.
NOTE: PROCEDURE COPY used (Total process time):
real time 0.42 seconds
cpu time 0.03 seconds

NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.

When we look at the files with a HEX-editor there are some different characters.
E.g. in the section 'namestr records' SAS 9.1 there is 00 at various positions whereas in the old xpt-files there is a 20 at the same position. The same problem appears with numeric variables in the section 'data records' .
Furthermore it seems that most 0A is replaced by 0D0A in the old xpt-files.
We guess these problems are not resolveable by a global replacement strategy, maybe there exist other solutions, has anyone an idea?
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