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SAS Software Navigator 9.1 - Silent install

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SAS Software Navigator 9.1 - Silent install

I am new to SAS, I am seeking to implement a silent distribution to users in a company. They currently use the SAS Software Navigator(9.1) to install using preconfigured Installation Data & a customized plan. This results in the install of:
-JRE(SAS Private Version) - Vol1
-JRE(SAS Private Version) - Vol3
-SAS Management Console
-SAS Foundation Services
-SAS Data Integration Studio
-SAS Information Map Studio
-SAS Enterprise Guide
-SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office
-SAS Configuration Wizard.

I would like all of this to happen silently(i.e. get Software Navigator to remember the choices and install all of the software automatically. I cannot seem to make this happen. The User Guide for Software Navigator( states that "However, when the SAS Software Navigator is exercised to its full capability, it provides a broad range of deployment opportunities, from installing software on a single machine to installing on many machines across several tiers, either silently or interactively." But I have no idea how to implement the silent part. Do I have to configure each of the applications to install silently and leave out the Software Navigator part or can I do this through the tool.


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