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SAS - SQL Sever Connection

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SAS - SQL Sever Connection


I am trying to connect SAS EG to a SQL Server. Below is the code I tried and the error message I received:

libname EUC ODBC dsn="WKCMA05HPDBPR,15001" user="zk9t2vz" pwd="Wait4G0d12" schema=dbo;

ERROR: CLI error trying to establish connection: [DataDirect][ODBC lib] System information file not found. Please check the ODBCINI

       environment variable.

ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.

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Re: SAS - SQL Sever Connection

Have you verified your dsn connection in the ODBC Control Panel?

Also if that's your actual userid/password you may want to delete it from the post.

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Re: SAS - SQL Sever Connection

No, how does one attempt that? II have connect through SQL Studio manager but just having trouble connecting throughSAS

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Re: SAS - SQL Sever Connection

I don't think the dsn can have a comma.  You're using ODBC access...not SQLSRV, so you have to build a ODBC DSN on your computer.

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