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SAS PC CONNECT - Cannot find a dataset created...

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SAS PC CONNECT - Cannot find a dataset created...

Hello everyone,

After successfully connecting to a remote server, I ran the following codes without errors (according to the SAS log). However, I cannot find the dataset (msex1) created. In local SAS, this "msex1" dataset is supposed to be in temporary WORK library, but I am not sure whether it should be so having the remote SAS. I've been using SAS for a while now, but the past several days are the first time I have been trying to learn to use SAS CONNECT, so I have found this really confusing. Can anyone please help?

libname crsp '/wrds/crsp/sasdata/sm';
proc sort data=crsp.mseall(keep=date permno exchcd shrcd siccd) out=mseall nodupkey;
where exchcd ne . or shrcd in (10,11);
by permno date exchcd;

proc sql;
create table msex1 as
select *
from crsp.msf(keep=date permno cusip prc shrout ret) as a
left join
mseall as b
on a.permno=b.permno and;

By the way, how can I wrap the codes so you can see it more easily?
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Re: SAS PC CONNECT - Cannot find a dataset created...

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As msex1 is within the rsubmit/endrsubmit block, the work library that is used is the one on the remote server.
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