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SAS Install

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SAS Install

I have a question, and need some help.
Someone has requested me to installed these components on their workstation
We have SAS server with license for all of these products.

I know how to install the following two
a) Base SAS
b) Enterprise Miner
But the following if a user or clients wants to use or install then what I am supposed to do
c) SAS Stat
e) SAS Graph
f) SAS Acess for RDBMS
g) SAS Access to PC file format
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Re: SAS Install

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Some missing information:
-what kind of licence's do you have (for clients)
-are the clients supposed to communicate with the server (if so, you'll need SAS/Connect or Enterprise Guide and Integration Technologies).

I suggest that you contact SAS tech support or SAS sales representative depending on the nature of your problem.

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