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SAS/Graph legends

This could go here, in EG, or in Macros, ...

I created a area chart in EG. Copied the code in EG to a code module in EG so that I could play with it some. Worked nicely. Now I want to create the chart in batch. All is fine, except the legend. In EG it produces nice boxes with the colors of the area by the value names. In batch, I'm just getting a line, no box. EG legend command = legend1 frame; batch = legend2 label=none; but that doesn't matter because when it is simply "frame" it only adds a box around the legend as a whole, but not value "boxes".

Now, I have to use symbol statements for the batch process, and there are not any for EG.

I expect there are other differences, but I need help figuring out what is needed where to get the value boxes to display, instead of simple colored lines.
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