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SAS DI: How to re-generate names of temporary views?

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SAS DI: How to re-generate names of temporary views?


I need to make several similar big jobs, so I copy original job ("Copy to folder..."), rename it and make some changes. But the problem is that names of temporary tables don't change - it's not good, because these jobs can run simultaneously. So it's better to get new random names (like W5U45HC.....etc) that are unique in scope of all jobs. I can remove temporary view and then add new, but in this case I need to rewrite all mappings and expressions for columns in the transform (most of transforms are "SQL Join").

Is there any solution without making harm to mappings and expressions?
I use SAS DI 4.2 version
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Re: SAS DI: How to re-generate names of temporary views?

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Each job runs in it's own session (own environment with own work area) so having the same names in different jobs is no issue even when run in parallel.

I tend to invest the extra development time and give all tables/views catchy names. It's just so much easier to debug a program if the names tell you what they are about.

You can change the name of a table/view by selecting the table in the flow (this little green grid), mouse left click, choose "Properties" and then under tab "Physical Storage" enter a name under "Physical name".


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