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SAS Analyst

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to use SAS Analyst to run non-parametric tests for paired data and two independent samples?? If it is, could someone please show/tell me how, or point me in the right direction?? Thank you so much!!!!
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Re: SAS Analyst

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Have a look at the SAS support website and the SEARCH facility using your keywords, or a Google advanced search, similar to the one below yielded matches for SAS DOC and technical paper references:

non-parametric tests

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Re: SAS Analyst

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Although Scott's search will get you there, the specifics of how to do it in analyst are deeply buried in the results set.

To do two sample non-parametric test in SAS/Analyst, use ANOVA --> Non-Parametric One-Way ANOVA. Ths gives you the Kruskal-Wallace test which, for two samples is the same as the Wilcoxon Rank-Sum test.

To do the test on the paired data, you first have to compute a difference score (Transform --> Compute), and then use that difference score in the procedure above.

Be aware: SAS/Analyst is going away after SAS 9.2. You need to be moving to a newer toolkit, either Enterprise Guide (9.1.3 or 9.2) or Stat Studio (9.2).

Doc Muhlbaier
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