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SAS 9.4 64 bit libname problem

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SAS 9.4 64 bit libname problem



I have SAS 9.4 64 bit installed.I want use an excel file in SAS with libname method, but this does not works:



LIBNAME mylib  "C:\Users\mike\abc.xlsx" ;


ERROR: Connect: Class not registered

ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.



Please help.




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Re: SAS 9.4 64 bit libname problem

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The key is the bitness of your office installation.
There have been a LOT of threads on the communities so I suggest you do a search and return if you still fail to do the connection.
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Re: SAS 9.4 64 bit libname problem

We just upgraded to 9.4 64-bits.  This is what I found that works:


/* Export */

%let xlsTempFile = &xlsPath.\temp.xlsx;


data _null_;

   fileref = 'tempfile';

   rc = filename(fileref, "&xlsTempFile");

   if rc = 0 and fExist(fileref) then

      rc = fDelete(fileref);



*For SAS 64-bit ver 9.4;

*libname wkbk pcFiles path="&xlsTempFile"; * This looks good except that Excel cannot read the file;

libname wkbk xlsx "&xlsTempFile"; * This creates a file that Excel can read;


data;     * Create destination worksheet "data" within the Excel workbook;

  set; * Write the dataset into the worksheet;


libname wkbk clear; * Close the workbook;


/* Import */

libname wkbk pcFiles path="&xlsPath.\temp.xlsx"; * Open an existing Excel workbook

                                                   using 64-bit SAS ver 9.4;

data temp; * Create new dataset;

  set wkbk.'data$'n; * Read the "data" worksheet into the dataset;



libname wkbk clear; * Close the Excel file;


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