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Rolling regression

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Rolling regression

Hallo, I'm trying to do some rolling regression. But there are something wrong with the macro and the date. My data sample starts at jan1980 and the output sample gives me date starts at jan 1979. I include my data set here and the codes that I have. Can someone please tell me where it goes wrong and how should it be? Thank you very much.

%RRLOOP (year1=1980 , year2= 2011,  nyear= 1 , in_ds=sasdata.monthly_data, out_ds=sasdata.out_reg_betamdi, model_equation= mretrf = mdi /adjrsq);

%macro RRLOOP (year1= , year2= ,  nyear= , in_ds=, out_ds= , model_equation= );

%local date1 date2 date1f date2f yy mm;

*Extra step to be sure to start with clean, null datasets for appending;

proc datasets nolist;

  delete all_ds oreg_ds1;


*Loop for years and months;

%do yy = &year1 %to &year2;

   %do mm = 1 %to 12;

*Set date2 for mm-yy end point and date1 as 24 months prior;

%let xmonths= %eval(12 * &nyear); *Sample period length in months;

%let date2=%sysfunc(mdy(&mm,1,&yy));

%let date2= %sysfunc (intnx(month, &date2, 0,end)); *Make the DATE2 last day of the month;

%let date1 = %sysfunc (intnx(month, &date2, -&xmonths+1, begin)); *set DATE1 as first (begin) day;

*FYI --- INTNX quirk in SYSFUNC:  do not use quotes with 'month' 'end' and 'begin';

*An extra step to be sure the loop starts with a clean (empty) dataset for combining results;

proc datasets nolist lib=work;

  delete oreg_ds1;


*Regression model estimation -- creates output set with coefficient estimates;

proc reg noprint data=&in_ds outest=oreg_ds1 edf;

  where caldt between &date1 and &date2;  *Restricted to DATE1- DATE2 data range in the loop;

  model &model_equation;

  by wficn;


*Store DATE1 and DATE2 as dataset variables;

*  and rename regression coefficients as ALPHA and BETA;

data oreg_ds1;

  set oreg_ds1;



  rename intercept=alpha  vwretdrf=beta;

  nobs= _p_ + _edf_;

  format date1 date2 mmddyy10.;


* Append loop results to dataset with all date1-date2 observations;

proc datasets;

  append base=all_ds data=oreg_ds1;


%end;  %* MM month loop;

%end; %* YY year loop;

* Save results in final dataset;

data &out_ds;

  set all_ds;


%mend RRLOOP;

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