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Replicating Reports in EG

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Replicating Reports in EG

Hi I am relatively new to SAS so I apologize for any incorrect term usage. My company uses SAS EG and I recently took over a project where a number of graphs are created from different databases. These graphs were created using Gchart options in separate programs and result in SAS Reports. Then they were grouped in a customized format using the New Report feature in SAS EG. The two reports come out nicely with 5 graphs on a each page, and would then be exported as a PDF and printed (after combining with Adobe).

What I want to do is write a code that replaces the creating of the New Report (even though it refreshes every time corresponding graphs are recreated). Another option is to output the Report as a PDF through codes, instead of clicking and pointing. However I have trouble finding how to "print" the "report".

I have explored several other options such as greplay and creating a template (but the formats came out terribly) and odc layer, but have yet to find anything close to what I want.

Any help will be appreciated and please let me know what information I should include to get a better chance to get more assistance!

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Re: Replicating Reports in EG

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I'd start with exporting the project as code and looking at what procedures were being used already. Then seeing where I could convert and/or change things.

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Re: Replicating Reports in EG

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I believe that the "new report" feature in EGuide is specific to EGuide and can't be directly converted to code.  The new reports feature requires that the starting reports be in the SAS Reports format.  All this means that if you want to replicate the output in code, you've got a lot of new code to write.

If your company requires that you use EGuide, you may want to just punt and capitalize on the features of EGuide.

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