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Replacement for SAS/Insight (and SAS/Lab)

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Replacement for SAS/Insight (and SAS/Lab)

Hi all,

I use Insight quite a bit to browse my data, but I see now that it will no longer be available after SAS Release 9.2 and I wonder what we are supposed to use instead? I am sure SAS Company wouldn't want us to stand resourceless ;-) The same is apparently true for SAS/Lab...

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Re: Replacement for SAS/Insight (and SAS/Lab)

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IML Studio is the intended substitute for Insight, although it is a separate product and requires a license for IML. It is slick, but my biggest complaint is that it runs separately from SAS, so you cannot easily browse your SAS work libraries in IML Studio, unlike Insight. You can run SAS code from within IML Studio.

JMP is another good replacement, but it is a separate, stand-alone product. It has greater interactivity and flexibility than Insight, and superior graphics. You can also run SAS code from within JMP, if you have SAS installed. JMP is purchased, not rented.
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