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Repeated Procedure / Loop

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Repeated Procedure / Loop

I have the following dataset:
obs firm
1 A
2 B
3 C
... ...
For each observation I need to carry out several procedures which I programmed already. So for example, if I take observation 1, after running my program I will obtain a dataset looking like this:
obs firm X Y ....
1 A aaa aav

What I need is a program that takes observation 1, runs the procedures, then goes on to observation 2, runs the procedures, etc. All outputs should then be combined again in a dataset looking like this:
obs firm X Y ....
1 A aaa aav
2 B dfsa dfa
3 C adf dga

I tried using the following code:
%macro match;
%Do i=1 %to 400;

data dataset_a;
set dataset_a;
if nobs ne &i then delete;

data dataset_a1;
merge dataset_a1 b;
by obs;
%mend match;

Any idea what is wrong or how I can solve my problem alternatively?
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Re: Repeated Procedure / Loop

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Hi Tina

Reading your post I'm having the following thoughts:

I believe you shouldn't try to solve this problem with a macro but to use by group processing.

Just prepare your data for the procedures, sort them by observation (must be a variable like ID) and then use things like: proc print; by id; run;

You should only use a macro if you can't do it with normal SAS code. People tend too often too fast to use macros instead of re-designing their approach.

If it really has to be a macro: Look up "call execute" and how it works.

What you attempt to do is multiplying your SAS code 400 times (with minor alterations- but always accessing the same table 400 times). Even if you manage to get that working it will be bad design and perform badly.

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Re: Repeated Procedure / Loop

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Use the BY Group Processing mentioned by Patrick.

As for what's wrong with the code....

In your procedure your repeated using the dataset_a but then you're deleting all observations? in the second loop the observations won't be there...

You probably want to append the data at the end, not merge as well...

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