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Regarding Proc T test

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Regarding Proc T test

Dear All,

Here i have an data of BMI for household men and women like variables are Gender, Age, Village, Year and BMI, BMI_catergories in this i have to test the significance of BMI with gender and BMI in Years and BMI with the BMI catergories like Normal, overweight and underweight so for theis i am using 2 sample t test is it correct?

I request you all to suggest for an Idea.

Here is the codes for your reference

proc ttest data=Nutr_old.antpfin_05;

where village ="village";

class sex;

var BMI;run;st

Results are like this

                                                                                                                            The TTEST Procedure


                                                                                                                               Variable: BMI (BMI)


Diff (1-2) 0.10794.74380.7193

1 19.256118.215420.29674.85384.22105.7114
2 19.148218.166320.13004.63384.03585.4415
Diff (1-2)Pooled0.1079-1.31191.52774.74384.29115.3041
Diff (1-2)Satterthwaite0.1079-1.31271.5285


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Re: Regarding Proc T test

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If it was two level, you can use proc ttest for parameter test and proc npar1way(Wilconx test) for non-parameter test.

It it was three or more levels ,that means you need multi-comparison , check proc glm + means .

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Re: Regarding Proc T test

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for comparing the BMI Categories by sex, you would need PROC FREQ, as that is a 2x3 table.

If you scored the BMI categories to get a rank, you could use NPAR1WAY, but it is much less sensitive to differences than the original scale.

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