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Reg Folder names in to obs

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Reg Folder names in to obs


i am importing data from folder there are differnt folders 0610,0710,0810 like this folder names are there i am importing data from folders.Now i want a monyr variable from which folder that dataset was created.

FOr ex from folder :0610
The monyy variables is 0610 for that dataset like thar.....
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Re: Reg Folder names in to obs

Exactly how are you "importing data" - using SAS wizard, PROC IMPORT, or a DATA step that you coded? Also, what determines the DATA step INFILE statement (or SAS FILENAME) to setup the "fileref" to your input data?

Suggest you share more about your actual current SAS program execution code, preferably as a forum post/reply and paste your SAS generated log output, in addition to explaining the relevant points above.

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.
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