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Reg:Excel and Scheduling

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Reg:Excel and Scheduling


i will get data daily in 'C:\Desktop\data' in the excel sheete.The data in excel sheets is to be appended to All data daily .And after the datain excel sheet is appended it sholud be move to another folder called 'C:\Desktop|BACKUP' and i dont know the excel sheet name that are coming daily it should be kept sheduling daily the entire process.
Can any one help me
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Re: Reg:Excel and Scheduling

To identify the incoming file(s), you can use the FILENAME PIPE (engine) to identifying files for processing.

WIth this information you an execute a SAS macro using a SAS DATA step to read / import your Excel document with the LIBNAME EXCEL command.

The new, incoming data can be combined with your "All data daily" file using PROC APPEND.

And, lastly, you can use the CALL SYSTEM command to move the file to another folder.

I suggest you search the SAS support website using these keywords - you will find SAS-hosted documentation and supplemental technical and conference topic-related reference material for your reference and use with examples.

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.
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