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Reg:Character or Numeric variable

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Reg:Character or Numeric variable


i have some variables i dont know the type they or charter or numeric.
Now i want a new variable as Type_var it should print as charater or numeric for what type of variable it is weather character or numeric
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Re: Reg:Character or Numeric variable

If you want to know how a column is defined, that information can be reached in DICTIONARY.COLUMNS (via proc sql), SASHELP.VCOLUMN or data step functions. The can assign that value to a macro variable to be used in an assignment statement.

if you want to know what type of values is stored in a character column, there's a bunch of functions that can helpful such as notdigit.

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Re: Reg:Character or Numeric variable

Depending on the purpose/use of a given SAS variable, you can define whether it is CHARACTER or NUMERIC type (using either a LENGTH or ATTRIB statement) or with one of multiple "import" processes, and also you should define what SAS output FORMAT is to be used to display the data.

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Re: Reg:Character or Numeric variable

Hi Main,

With PROC CONTENTS, you can use the ODS table "Variables" to save the variables' types as a separate variable. Please look at this example:

data test;
input var1 $ var2 var3 $;
wqw 83478 360376
febifie 947604670 305035
bdhb 045670 230948

proc contents data=test;
ods output variables=var_type;

proc print data=var_type;
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