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Reading the text file on remote server

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Reading the text file on remote server

Hi All,

I need your  help to overcome this issue

Lets say i have text file in unix server A  and I was trying to read that file into other server where my actual code is located to create SAS dataset.


sample. txt is on unix server  (host) 'abcd01'

I am  running my sas code which converts this  txt file as my dataset. (host=abcd01)

I did use this code below but no luck (I assume my servers use sftp connection)

filename myfile ftp 'data' cd='/u/kudzu/mydata'

  user='guest' host=''

  recfm=v prompt;

data mydata / view=mydata; /* Create a view */

  infile myfile;

  input x $10. y 4.;


proc print data=mydata; /* Print the data */


NOTE : I dont want copy the files using ftp just wanted to read the file and create the dataset.

Any help is really appreciated!!



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Re: Reading the text file on remote server

If you need to use sftp, you have to specify that as connection method:

FILENAME Statement, SFTP Access Method :: SAS(R) 9.3 Statements: Reference

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