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Reading .gz file

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Reading .gz file

please me read .gz file.

as per my knowledge i ahve tried to write correct code.

Please suggest me


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Re: Reading .gz file

Why don't you convert it ?

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Re: Reading .gz file

Check with the support for your local system.  Note that the zcat command is for files compressed using the compress command (those normally end with .Z) Try using gunzip with the -c option to pipe the results.

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Re: Reading .gz file

You appear to have a *nix compressed file (.gz extension is created by the gzip command in *nix) on a Windows system ("\" in file name).

To read this on the PC with a pipe, you will need to install a PC version of gunzip or 7zip and configure the environment variables to find the command.

If this is a one-off, it will be easier to do it interactively and store the uncompressed file.  (Of note, a Windows file compressed using the OS takes about the same space on the disk drive as a .gz or .zip file.)

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