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Questions about proc pls

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Questions about proc pls

I have a question relating to proc pls. I was trying to fit a model with 500000 obs and 70 input variables (X space), but it failed. The error message showed 'out of memory'. It seems that proc pls has some size constraints.

I am wondering who has the similar experience and whether there is any alternative to solve this issue.

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Re: Questions about proc pls

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Recommend using the SAS support website SEARCH facility using your symptom information to find relevant references, or consider using your favorite Internet search facility as shown below.

Also, including information such as SAS version, OS platform, whether local SAS install or remote SAS server execution is always useful information. In addition to this diagnostic info, your SAS code and relevant SAS log output demonstrating your problem symptom always helps ensure the most accurate feedback from forum subscribers.

Scott Barry
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Recommended Google advanced search argument, this topic/post:

out of memory
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