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Procedure GLM

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Procedure GLM

I need use GLM for check the  linear, cubic, quadratic effects in analysis with binomials variables.

Any people can help me, please?


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Re: Procedure GLM

Hello Amanda,

Could you give a reasonably full description of your experimental design?  With that info, there are several in the community who will be able to help.  However, with what you have given so far, it is hard to help--in fact, I can't even say that PROC GLM is the best tool for what you wish to accomplish.

Hope this will get you to post a more complete question.

Steve Denham

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Re: Procedure GLM

Are the binomial variables the predictor variables (X), or the response variables (Y)?

Paige Miller
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Re: Procedure GLM

Since you talk about binomial variables , Or maybe you can consider using proc reg.

"in analysis with binomials variables."

About your question, you need to check residual item of your model , to see whether your model has i.e. your residual item like a curve or increasing or decreasing .


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