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Proc report formatting for word report

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Proc report formatting for word report


Hi ,


I need to get the exact  format style  that is applied to current row in the next row  if there is data in more than one row only.


 For example , below is the format style applied to one of the row . I am having different format style for different rows . now here i need to get the exact format styling  mentioned below  in the second row as well  when there is two rows of data .Do we have any option for that .I tried to use SPANROWS but that didnt work .Appreciate your help


compute r2;


IF r1 eq 3 THEN DO;

CALL DEFINE(_row_ ,'style','style=[font=("helvetica",20pt) indent=3.5cm CELLHEIGHT=2cm VJUST=BOTTOM]');




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Re: Proc report formatting for word report

Your question is quite vague, with no examples.  Wha I would suggest is that in your dataset, before you get to the proc report, you do your logic and assign a grouping var which will later be used to identify the style.  Then in your proc report you can set the grouping var to noprint, and then use that grouping var to decide what style to apply to the line.  

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